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Examination, Tests & Reports

"The secret of success is constancy of purposes"
Quarterly : September
Half Yearly : December
Annual : March
Mid Term : July, November & February
Answer papers of all these examinations, except that of the Annual will be shown to the parents.
Those who secure 40% in every subject will be eligible to secure a rank.
Progress cards will be issued after each examination except that of the final.
Instruction and Discipline Norms for Students during the Exams / Test :

Strict silence should be observed in the Examination Hall.
All articles like books, bag etc., should be kept in front of the class rooms before the examinations / tests. Check that no papers are on your person or inside the desk.
Any student who does not respond to the instructions will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the school as given in this diary, and as per the oral instructions given from time to time.
All should bring the necessary requirements for the examination such as a fountain pen [Std IV to Std XII] an eraser, pencil, sharpener, and scale.
No student will be allowed to lend or borrow articles during exams.
The Name and Roll Number should be written on the question paper immediately after receiving them. Nothing else should be written on the question paper.
Fill all the details on the answer book before starting the paper. Write question numbers correctly with blue ink and draw a line after each answer with pencil and underline the important points with blue ink. Do not use red ink for any purpose.
Students should tie their answer sheets immediately at the stroke of the bell. Answer sheets be properly numbered and tied together.
If there is a doubt, students should raise their hands and ask the invigilator. They should not clarify and doubts by discussing with their classmates / companions
Students who come late on Exam / Test days will be admitted to the Exam hall 15 minutes / half an hour late as punishment
Students who absent themselves from examination without grave reasons will be considered as failed. No re-examination will be accorded to any absentee from school examination. In well deserving cases, the marks of the year will be taken into account. The Principal will be the judge of the merit of each case.
A Student caught copying or indulging in any other malpractice will not be allowed to sit for the next examination until the Principal grants written permission. Such a student should bring his parents to the Principal.
After every exam, the answer papers should be submitted to their respective class teacher duly checked and signed by the parent.

The Terminal Exams and Mid Term Tests are regularly held and reports are sent to the parents periodically. Results of all the Examinations and Tests will be taken into consideration for promotion.
To consult the teachers regarding the Progress of their wards, Parent-Teacher meetings are organized. The parents are requested to attend these meetings without fail.
A minimum of 40% of marks in the promotion examination is necessary to ensure promotion. Those children who fail to obtain this percentage will be taken into consideration by the promotion committee keeping in view the results of the two Terminal Examinations and the general performance throughout the academic year. Once the results are published, appeals of any kind will not be entertained.
Steadfast co-operation of the parents toward the coaching of the student is necessary particularly in the case of those who exhibit poor performance in the First and Second terms.
If a student is detained in the same class for two consecutive years, the parents are advised to arrange the child's schooling elsewhere.
A delay in the payment of fees shall debar a student from sitting for any Examination.The students should submit a stamped envelope furnished with name and full address for the purpose of sending the Annual Results.
The students should submit a stamped envelope furnished with name and full address for the purpose of sending the Annual Results.