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" Talent is God given "
We provide a conducive platform to exhibit the innate potentialities of the students.

We have various associations like Literary Science, Mathematics, Social and fine arts to encourage and develop the innate talents and skills in children. Experts are made to preside over the association meetings our students have won their appreciation.

Maths Association :

Maths is worth teaching in itself. It has a relevant content, structure and form for each and every individual in our society. Teaching of Maths brings communication skill and understanding between numbers, Maths Department organizes an association every year to enable the students to find a vast enjoyment symmetry and harmony of basic mathematics in the solving of Mathematical problems. Students with great enthusiasm participate in various programmes organized by the association.

Arts Association :

" Art as far as it has the ability follows nature as a pupil imitates his master
so that Art must be as it were a descended of God "
Arts department organizes an association every year to activate the hidden talent of the students and would them into worthy citizen of our country.

English Association :

" English opens the door through which our imagination enters a new world,
a world of music, love, hearts & heroism "
Every year, our English Department organizes an English Association, in order to boost up the caliber of the children. The children actively participate in various programmes, such as dramas, speech, debate quiz etc., The Association is presided over by a chief guest who gives valuable speech regarding the upliftment of English language. Teachers play a major role training the students for the Associations.

Science Association :

" Science is not pulling things apart to find out what they are made of
but pulling things together to make new ones "
At this 21st century the aim of science association is to stress pollution, free environment, hygiene, healthy food and implementation of faster scientific devices for life. They take active part in eco-club project work, abuse of plastics, quiz programme & participate in the science exhibition. Science is a human activity that involves the pursuit of knowledge about natural world and scientific devices.